3 Self-Care Tips You Must TRY During Lockdown

Self-care is looking after one’s body, soul and mind. Everyone is ranting about it, there are numerous websites dedicated to self-care and loads of people are practicing it. If you new to this concept, change your perspective and think holistic healing.



Having a fit mind, body and soul is the goal here!  It’s best to start off slow, here are 3 self-care tips you must try during lockdown!

1. Exercise

Exercise relates to the body and mind part of holistic healing. It is something that anyone can do regardless of your age, race, sexuality etc. It’s not only good for the body but also good for your mental health and let’s face it with lockdown being in full swing who can deny that mental health is a thing. If you didn’t know, exercise fights depression, helps to maintain and improve yourself confidence. Come on, try it – I’ve included this YouTube video to help you get started


2. Meditation

Meditation relates to the mind part of holistic healing. There is nothing sinister about the practice of meditation its all about a healthy mind and its positive benefits on the rest of your body. For instance, not many people know that meditation reduces stress, depression and helps you to stay in the present and not excessively worry about your past or your future. It helps to clear the mind and compartmentalize concerns, so you can deal with them one at a time and not overthink the process or journey that you’re on. Come on, try it – I’ve included this easy 1-minute YouTube video to get you started!


3. Reflection

Reflection relates to the soul and mind part of holistic healing. The purpose of self-reflection is numerous in numbers but one of the main purposes is get to know one’s self better. To think about who you really are and who you really are has nothing to do with what you do for living.

One thing that I’ve learnt from reflection is that it is beneficial in deciding what’s next for you i.e. what you like, what don’t you like, who’s good for you, who’s bad for you and ultimately what’s the next immediate step to take that will yield your desired outcomes. Come on, try it – Some good will come of it I promise. Here is a link to help you get started,


Last Thoughts

Anything worthwhile takes time and energy – my advice is to be consistent with these 3 Self-care tips you must try during lockdown and things will eventually fall into place. You will be able to see, feel and live the results of implementing these tips. Things should and will get better with time, you must trust the journey that you on.


Stay safe and be safe!


Tiffany M Isaacs

Poem: Thief, 2019

Thief, loser, psychopath

How dare you!

Mark words my Lord will deal with you!

Anger wretches my soul

How could you!

My Lord please be my vindicator

My Father will provide

My hope is alive

My hope is in you alone !

Anger you have no place here

Thief be gone with you in Jesus name

We rebuke you in Jesus

No place, no place, no place left to run

My Lord will deal with you Thief!

Imposter, my Lord will deal with you!

Thief move, be gone in Jesus name ! Amen !

Poem: Love- I duno, 2019

Love you show yourself in circumstances no one but God can control

We wait for that one true love or even just a glimpse of it

But love , why so much vulnerability

But love, why so much fear in the unknown

But love, why so much anguish in that which is not seen

But love, why so much negativity in that which could be positive

We toss and toil try’ing to wrap our heads around what others may or may not feel

Sometimes it’s best just to breathe and wait on the one who knows it all together

The one who will place your heart into the hands of those who deserve it the most

Until then love be kind, gentle and all encompassing for the world needs you!