Poem: She Is, 2021

She is beautiful

She is radiant like the sun

More precious than diamonds

Clear , cut and concise is her wit to another

She writes , she breathes

She breaks a sweat

But yet she hurts

She hurts cause they hurt

She cares deeply

‘Deeper she goes

‘Safe and secure

‘Handy and dandy

She is her

She walks, breathes her win

Assemble the troops

She’s a soldier

A soldier with a heart of gold

She cares more than she should

And loves deeper than any ocean

Shades of blue she may be but a thriver she is !

She is beautiful

She is more radiant than the sun

She is a soldier watching for her victory!

Poem: He, 2021

She walked those corridors eager

They broke her or at least they thought they had

It was He who lifted her up

It is still He who continues to lift her , love her, comfort her !

They thought they succeeded

They thought many things

But it was He who saved her

It was He who comforted her

It was He who taught her and guarded her

He sent His angels to comfort her

It was He , it’s always He

They won’t understand

They wouldn’t get it

‘Cause they don’t know He

They don’t know Him

He is the first and the last

The beginning and the end

The ultimate lover of all times

He is He

He is – I AM

He is Him !

Poem: Hope, 2021

She was radiant and charming

She bore her heart on her sleeve

But yet she knew she could love again

Full and open hearted

She took the plunge

Where would it lead her

A blur of emotions

Love , her love was unconditional

Although she hurt

She loved some more

She loves cause He is love

She loves cause He loved her first !