Poem: Love, Love, Love , 2020

You write our story

You write the plan

You are the writer of my life

You were there

You are there

You will ALWAYS be there

You ARE EVERYTHINGI NEVER want to lose you

I WILL forever chase you

You are MINE !


You craft us perfectly

You craft us uniquely

There is no room for fear

There Is no room for negative’s

There is AWLAYS room to learn

You ALWAYS make sure we learn

You ALWAYS make sure that we learn together!

We walk together!

WE are together!

Bound together by LOVE

You comfort !

You love

You send comfort

You send love

You send Affection

You ARE Love

We breathe you in, for you are love!

Poem: Never Leaves ME, 2020

I am LOVED fully and wholeheartedly

I am safe and secure in you ALWAYS

I cry but I know you ALWAYS come through

I am sheltered in the MOST high

I am because you are

I am because you are LIFE!

I am because you are EVERYTHING
I will NEVER leave you

IN the good you are there

IN the good you NEVER leave us

You MAKE the good much better

You ALWAYS come through

You love me like no other

You LOVE us regardless of who says what

You ARE not them

You’ll NEVER be them!

My heart will trust your heart

My heart will trust you even when I can’t see

We MOVE forward

We can’t move backwards

You ARE mine and I am Yours

ALL I’ll ever need is you!

And with time the heartache lessons

I won’t miss them so much anymore

All I’ll EVER know is that you’re love NEVER leaves me!

Poem: Assumptions, 2020

I AM not her!

Two people can have the same traits

But.. when you give the latter the benefit of the doubt?

WILL you give the latter a chance?

Cause she is NOT her

Two people can have the same traits

But what makes the person different

Is their heart

Is their ability to admit when they wrong

Is their ability to see the good in the wrong

Is their ability to the the good in the bad

I’m sorry she stung you

I AM sorry that she rejected you

I AM sorry that you thought she was the one

BUT.. I AM NOT her!

Stop comparing

We friends

WE not even lovers

But…it fucks with my mind to think its as if WE are!

You don’t like me in that way

Yet you call me Buttercup, Munchkin

Its just banter we said

But is it just banter?

Cause you just compared me to your ex girlfriend

I THINK that’s what hurts the most, I am being punished cause of her

But…I AM not her

I lost two friends because of her

The ex, that’s heart is toxic as fuck

The ex, that you still stalk

The ex, that you wish still misses you


TWO people can have the same traits

But their hearts is what makes the difference

I am NOT her and will NEVER be her!