Update : 2 – Day Weekend Challenge for When You Bored During Lockdown

So yesterday I posted a challenge and I received a few snaps in return!

Totally love the enthusiasm! Its not to late to enter day 2 of the challenge

Without further a do, results are as follows:

My total steps for the day:



IG: shaeolwen , digital creator came in a close second with 641 steps!



Well done you guys, keep up the good work!

Next, cooking snaps – YAY!!!

Last night I decided to make roast potatoe wedges – yummy!

However, IG: shaeolwen, digital creator definitely won this round with her traditional Japanese meal, Onigiri complete with spicy tuna mayo on the inside



P.s you can hit up ‘shaeolwen’ on Instagram , she’s brilliant! Lost about 10kg thus far. I’m sure by now she’s lost more than 10kg. And the catch, she has not cut her carbs and sugar! The plus is she’s ALWAYS willing to help where she can.


Keep the snaps coming in you guys! Day 2 is full speed ahead ! My inbox may even crash today LOL 

2 – Day Weekend Challenge for When You Bored During Lockdown

I’m going to be frank with you, I am undoubtedly  extremely bored. 

Yes, I am working from home, cooking, exercising, yoga and meditating  i.e. when I am remember to HA! 

BUT I am still BORED! 

Side note – I turn to my blog when I am bored or when I am feeling wordy. 

It’s Saturday morning and I am missing people which is weird for me because I am mostly introverted ! Ha take that stereotypes LOL !

AND since I have 321 Blog followers Thank you so much ! – I thought of a 2 day weekend challenge for when you bored during lockdown i.e this includes myself



Day 1

Exercise Challenge: 

How may steps can you do in one day from when you start reading this article ? – Provide me with your snaps so I can determine the winner of this challenge

Here are my steps thus far, which is not much LOL -I’ll probably win if nobody enters this challenge




Cooking Challenge:

Cook yourself a meal, hot or cold i.e. beverages and Oreos  don’t count! LOL – Provide me with your snaps so we can see who wins this challenge

This is what I cooked for breakfast – I’m winning ya’ll i.e. none of your snaps have made it into my e-mail inbox yet! HAHA



Day 2

Fun Challenge:

How much craft/creative fun can you have as an adult, basically send me snaps of all the funny and creative things you got up to on day 2 of this challenge

Remember, your snaps or vids determine the winner! Here’s an example of what I got up to last weekend:



Laughing Challenge:

What made you laugh on this day, send me a link, a vid or anything that made you laugh and I’ll share the winning content on my blog so that ALL of us can laugh!

This is what made me laugh today:



Side note – this challenge is just for fun i.e. if you need some entertainment to keep you occupied or you need some laughter 


Another side note  All winning content will be shared on said blog with your permission of course – you can add your social media links or content can be shared anonymously!  

So get your butts moving start filling up my inbox PLEASE ! HAHA LOL 

E-mail Address : tiffanymisaacs@gmail.com , no spam please thank you in advance!

P.S This should be fun!