Poem: Forgive, 2020

Stop being a-hole !

You don’t know jack-shit !

You think you know buuuut you know nothing!

Turn that mirror around and take a look at yourself !

I see the favour bestowed on your life

But yet you don’t believe in Him

What is the point of life?

What is the point of life if you don’t see Him?

What is the meaning of your life ?

Greed, ambition, self-sufficient

Sorry – I’m judging now !!

Sorry – my G !

But tell me , what makes you a expert on life ?

Tell me , who gave you – your logic ??

Tell me, who gave you -your drive???

You don’t know me bru

You never will!

Keep up that self-sufficient attitude and you will see my Father

Keep it up – my G is bigger than you!

Forgive me Father , Forgive them Father !

Poem: Battle, 2020

Go and rain on someone else’s parade

Don’t be a brat please

Take what you’ve dished out

You reap what you sow

Sow bad and bad will come and get you

Are you ready to reap the consequences of your inability to care for others ?



You don’t know know and will never know me

You not fancy , you just a wolf in sheep’s clothes

But I see you, we see you

Discernment all the way

We got this , His got us

Down soldier

On your knees soldier – let’s go !!!!

We know where the battle is at !

We know we’ve already won !

We know where our victory is at

We know who brought us the victory

We bow to Him every single day

‘For we know He is life

‘For we know He is our life!

Poem: I turn to you, 2020

I turn to you when I’m down

I turn to you for you love me so much

I turn to you cause there’s no one I’d rather turn to, than you

You make me , me

You make me whole

You are mine and I am yours

For you know me inside out

You know my heart’s desire

For you are Everything!

For you are my Everything!

I am nothing without you and everything in you !