5 Unconventional Ways to Make Money During Lockdown

Do you need to make some extra cash during lockdown? 

My advice is to start at home… After all, charity begins at home. 

Here are 5 unconventional ways to make money during lockdown:

  1. Cut what you can cut

Do you need Dstv, Netflix and Showmax? 

Make a list of what you have been watching and decide what subscription you actually need i.e. explain to me why do you need all three? 

I’m sure you get my point – you don’t NEED all three. Choose wisely and watch your money free up?



  1. Sell what you can

You NOW have the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your wardrobe , your house, your kids rooms etc. 

I won’t lie to you , people WILL buy your kids old toys!  Or your old toys *wink wink* – Get your brain out of the gutter! LOL

Talk to me if you need help selling your old goods online and together we’ll make it happen !



  1. Up-cycle your boring leftovers

Growing up in a coloured household, I was taught to not waste a thing. 

Tired of that Sunday roast chicken, why not up-cycle it into chicken pasta?  And another plus you can freeze chicken pasta

If you boil your chicken, don’t throw away the water, there’s your chicken stock block.  Freeze liquid in ice block trays, wait 2-3 hours to use – you’re welcome!



  1. Use tea-bags for fire lighters

We ALL know South Africans love to braai, think about how many times you had braai meat during the lockdown?

But did you know , dried out tea-bags make excellent fire lighters ?

After having a cuppa rooibos tea, extract tea bag from said cup and leave in sun too dry. Collect a few and your fire will be crackling faster than you can click your fingers.



  1. Where you can walk, walk your heart out

I am fully aware that the price of petrol has dropped dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa

However, if you can and if its safe to do so – take a walk to the shop to get your essentials

You are not breaking the law, you saving on petrol money, you getting your essentials and you getting in some exercise 



Please talk to me, if you need some help with any of the above ideas – it does work! 

However, you have to be patient, it does take time 

BUT… all you have – is time! 

So why not try it – you’re welcome ! 

3 Ways to Overcome Anxiety in a Pandemic

I said the word P-A-N-D-E-M-I-C !

Yes, you heard me say it – riiiight!

There is no easy way of dealing with anxiety especially during a pandemic i.e. COVID-19.

Let me let you in on a secret – Telling someone that it’s going to be okay, is not going to work! Especially if said person has been struggling with anxiety before the pandemic hit.



Take note – the root of all anxiety is found in fear which is brought on by stress

‘’Stress about life, joblessness, home-schooling the kids or even picking up essentials from the store”

So, what can you do to help a loved one or help yourself?

Here are 3 ways to overcome anxiety in a pandemic;

  1. Voice your concerns to someone who cares about you

My mother is usually my go-to-person, she has a way of calming my fears and anxious thoughts. I voice what I’m thinking about and she usually shuts down the worse of my anxious thoughts. The other less anxious thoughts I deal with myself. My sister comes in at a close second to my mother she also helps calm my anxious thoughts in her own way. The person you choose, effectively helps by talking you down from your mountain of anxiety through the process of assessing your thoughts on behalf of you – And most of the time, they are rubbish thoughts that will NOT manifest in what you see around you. The only thing you must do is focus on the person to provide the answer to your anxious thoughts – will this ‘thing’ happen or not? Focusing on the person helps calm your mind!

*Got this from https://www.crosswalk.com*


  1. Exercise, Exercise and more Exercise

This one is a tricky one for me, I’d rather comfort eat than exercise LOL I’m sure there are many of you like me. However, here is my trick – I tell myself that I need to exercise otherwise I’m just going to get fatter and more stressed. And when I take on too much stress, I usually get sick and sick is not something you want to be during a pandemic. Stress compromises one’s immune system – hence I exercise to help boost my immune system and reduce stress which subsequently reduces my anxious thoughts etc.


*Got this from http://www.anjalisaboo.com*
  1. Do something you love, everyday!

What’s the one thing that you love doing? Now, do that thing! It WILL lift your spirits help with your serotonin levels. It’s basically like exercise but it’s not unless exercising is the one thing that you love doing. For instance, I love being creative, so I find something creative to do every day. I paint, cook creatively, sometimes I play guitar or just do some colouring in. It HELPS to help me stay sane and fight my anxious thoughts. And in turn makes me feel good about myself, i.e. my brain resets into normal care-free, patient, loving and kind Tiffany Hahaha!


*Got this from https://mymodernmet.com*

P.s. If you need someone to chat to, you can e-mail me on tiffanymisaacs@gmail.com , I don’t mind or just add a comment or two to this post.