Hi I’m Tiffany M Isaacs, please do not ask what the M stands for. Okay, Okay let me just blurt it out, just kidding just ask me I won’t bite. This blog site was created for one reason alone and that would be for community. In other words it’s a practical account of my journey in dealing with life.

It is found that communities make up majority of the world, shape and mold minds. You may find me among the mountains and the oceans of South Africa in a little but gorgeous town, co-incidentally called “Cape Town” , chasing butterflies for a picture or 2, writing poetry and short stories. In an attempt to find other like minded people who experience similar happenstances.

“Everyone has things that they deal with and no matter how small or big the victory may be, everyone and everything is worth celebrating” – My favourite thing to say (TMI Quote)

Hit me up , I would love to hear from you...

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