Poem: Love- I duno, 2019

Love you show yourself in circumstances no one but God can control We wait for that one true love or even just a glimpse of it But love , why so much vulnerability But love, why so much fear in the unknown But love, why so much anguish in that which is not seen But… Continue reading Poem: Love- I duno, 2019

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3 Simple Ways to Make Money in Cape Town

Let me be quite frank with ya’ll, everyone needs money and some just want money but whatever your reason for making more money its definitely worth it because you went to google for this! Another thing, are we all not just annoyed by searching for jobs that want to under pay us or we are… Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Make Money in Cape Town

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Poem: But…God , 2019

Life you've made me Life you've made me cry Life you've made me sing Life you've made me rejoice Life you've made me long for more Life it is not you! but God Himself ! God you've made me unique God you've made me beautiful inside and out I honour you for being you I… Continue reading Poem: But…God , 2019